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Swingers Etiquette!

If you are new to the swinging lifestyle, whether in Cyprus or anywhere else, it is wise to research how things are done - we don't mean the "birds and the bees" but what the standard etiquette is so that you don't embarrass yourself or others when you finally do meet up! Many men fantasise about their wife/girlfriend with another women or maybe even a mmf threesome but how do they get their partner to take part? We can't guarantee that reality will be anything like your fantasy but if you read our guidelines then your swinging experiences should at least be happy ones to start with!

So here are some basic swinging guidelines:

  • You can't "fix" a failing relationship - if your relationship is on the rocks introducing new stresses will not help it but so many people think that bonking others "with the permission" of their other half will put a spark back into their marriage but they are generally wrong, jealousy tends to raise its ugly head and things are just made much worse.
  • How do I get my wife to swing? - The short answer is you can't! For a couple, whether married or not, to be successful swingers they need to be in a very strong relationship and it has to be something they both want to do otherwise the over eager instigator can end up just making the other one feel pressured or jealous and that can spoil the experience for everyone involved not just you.
  • Agree on what you want - just because you've said you both want to try swinging a man's idea of what they want to experience and a woman's can be very different! Sit down together and talk about your fantasies, work out what will make you both happy and have a good look around online and read swingers stories to get more of an idea of what really goes on and what to expect.
  • Don't be shy in admitting you're a newbie - other swingers would much rather that you say you are inexperienced and not sure how far you want things to go, rather than thinking you've "done it before" and get disappointed when you realise that you are not ready to go as far as they would like to. Make it clear on your profile that you want to try soft swinging first to break yourself in gently!
  • Be honest and 100% truthful - when creating your online profile, this is your personal ad that is the first impression others will get of you so make sure you tell the truth about what you want, what you are in to and always make sure the photos you put up are of yourself, there's no point lying as inevitably you'll be found out at some point and then it spoils it for everyone concerned.
  • First contact - it is very easy to make contact with other members and there are a variety of ways to do it but whichever way you do use be sensible and responsible, make sure they know what you are after and don't be offended if they knock you back, just move on and try again but members are generally very polite and if you respect them you'll get the same courtesy in return.
  • First meeting - many couples and especially singles will request to meet at a public place first for a drink and possibly meal just to get to know each other first and see if they get on, most swingers don't just jump straight in for the sex unless they have gone to a swingers club, however everyone is different so make sure you agree how you see the evening progressing.

Once you join as a member you will be able to chat with other swingers in the chatrooms & for premium members you can get all the low down in the forums!


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